When the Universe Plays Detective, the Wrong Guys Pay the Price

Men have mistreated women every step of the way in human history: from raping conquered women to burning them at the stake for witchcraft to paying women less for equal work—women drew the short stick in the cosmic gamble (or perhaps more aptly, they drew an equally sized stick and men snatched it, snapped it in half, and swallowed the evidence).

So who’s paying for this injustice? Men are. Well…males are. Male anglerfish.

I know, I know, it’s not fair, but it’s true. The universe flubbed. Rather than punishing the culprits behind centuries of subjugation and wrongdoing, it punished a deep-sea fish. Poor guys. They live a painfully sorry existence.

This guy:

female angler fishwhom you may be thinking when I write, “anglerfish,” isn’t actually a guy at all. She’s a gal. Guys look more like this:

male angler fish

This unfortunate fellow lives most of his short life hungry, miraculously finds true love, then gets lost in that love in the wrong sort of way. I’ll just say that the giant, knife-toothed, monster-resembling female more than walks her scary-looking talk. Matt Inman, author and artist of the delightful Oatmeal blog explains the rest (WARNING: explicit language ahead):

Angler Fish complete Photo


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