Upload Your Memories to the Cloud, Just Don’t Get Hacked!

No more dangling your arms through a forest of outstretched limbs, phone in hand, to capture a slice of reality on a screen while you, well, miss it. In due time, our eyes may be enough.

A group of scientists from Harvard and The National Center for Nanoscience and Technology in Beijing have developed a syringe-injectable neural net that can overlay and interface with neurons. In other words, they’ve figured out how to plug your brain into the Internet. Continue reading


The Planets and Their Names—a Few Stories About How We Decide to Label the Skies

A pregnant woman digs her nails into the (supposedly) comforting arm of her husband and, in a howl of unchallengeable pain, declares the name of their baby boy. The husband decides against protest this time, and so Champe is born.

That’s how I got my name. Two parents, a debate, and then not much of one. But what about the planets? Who names them if not ballooning mothers in fits of birthing rage? Continue reading